Saturday, July 23, 2011


Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. – U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3
Are you prepared for an ALL POWERFUL "PRESIDENT," very likely a usurper ineligible to serve because he does not satisfy the absolute Constitutional requirement to be a natural born American? An occupant of the Oval Office who is allowed to operate with no regard for the Constitution, Congress or the Courts? You had better be prepared, or be prepared to ACT. Because right now, Obama is systematically thumbing his nose not only at We the People, but also at each of the separate and balanced branches of the Federal government designed to limit his powers and prevent an American dictatorship.
That's right! Instead of doing his job – setting policies that secure our nation from enemies foreign and domestic, and stabilize our economy so that the marketplace can create jobs – Obama is pouring all of his energy and our tax dollars into a massive campaign to dupe the sovereign American People, aggrandize his Marxist political faction among the elites, the electorate and in his Executive administration, and strip Congress and the Courts of their Constitutional power! We must stop Obama before our Federal government becomes an instrument of totalitarian despotism, and our Constitution is obliterated – FOREVER.
I urge you today to fill out the electronic CITIZENS INDICTMENT FORM – right away!
Please, do it now. This is extremely urgent.
Your CITIZENS INDICTMENT FORM will DEMAND that U.S. Representative Lamar Smith use his position as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to stop Barack Obama from wresting the last vestiges of power from the Legislative and Judicial branches of American government.
Obama WILL continue with his usurpation of the Oval Office, he WILL continue to issue "Executive Orders" that bypass Congress, he WILL continue to use Executive Agencies to implement legislation that Congress has flatly rejected, and he WILL continue to violate Federal Court orders that demand his compliance! You see, despite what he claims, Obama and his Marxist comrades believe the President need not be bothered with the Will of the People or the constraining burdens of the Constitution. Barack Hussein Obama told us he would fundamentally transform America, and he has. Obama's unbridled power grabs are leading us straight down the path to a Marxist dictatorship.
BUT NOT TODAY! WE STILL CAN STOP OBAMA AND WE WILL STOP HIM! We will not let Obama get away with his wholesale dismantling of the United States as we know it. WE WILL NOT ALLOW Obama to hijack our Republic and destroy our Constitution, while he turns a blind eye to the real problems in our country and ruthlessly "transforms" America in a Euro-Socialist state.
We the People are still the political sovereigns of this Republic. Congress still has the power to block Obama by indictment, hearings, even impeachment should that prove the lawful remedy. But without your help now, along with the help of thousands of other Americans, Congress will remain cowed, won't challenge Obama and will not act to defend your rights. Contrary to what they might believe, the truth is that Congress works for US. And WE won't rest until they are ACTING BOLDLY and WORKING HARD to STOP Obama's assault on the Constitution.
It is past time to take the first step to rein in the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Obama.
Your CITIZENS INDICTMENT FORM will DEMAND Representative Lamar Smith indict Obama on specific violations of the Constitution and his oath of office. This will compel thoroughgoing Federal investigations and use of the Congressional subpoena power. In the Watergate scandal, it was the cover up, not the initial crime, that brought down the Nixon presidency. How many dubious, even illegal acts, have been perpetrated to ensconce Barack Obama in the Oval Office?
At this very moment, the White House staff, Obama's extra-Constitutional "czars," all manner of working groups and commissions, along with radical Leftist organizations, are all working overtime on scores of anti-Constitution initiatives that Obama could enact by Executive Order, Executive Branch Directives or personal fiat – at any minute!
Obama has demonstrated time and again his utter contempt and disregard for the Constitution and the limitations on government power that have always bound our nation – until NOW! His unlawful, anti-Constitutional conduct MUST be addressed by the Congress AT ONCE, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR AMERICA.
We know it is too late for one brave soldier who stood in YOUR stead. Do not forget or forgive Obama's unconscionable willingness to convict, strip of his commission and rank, and incarcerate LTC Terrance Lakin, a combat-decorated Army physician, for LTC Lakin's insistence on receiving Constitutionally lawful orders from Obama! The sham trial and sentence meted out to Terry Lakin is the future of American justice under an Obama-transformed America – unless We the People SAVE the Constitution!
No President has ever been engaged in such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL power grab of such massive proportions as Barack Hussein Obama.
And unless you and I act today, Barack Obama's destructive actions will continue.
But, Representative Lamar Smith can pull the plug on Obama's grand schemes and get Congress to indict Obama for his wholesale war on our ordered liberty. Without Congressional investigation, America does not even know if the Oval Office is occupied by usurper to the Office of President!
So again, please sign your CITIZENS INDICTMENT FORM today. Our country is LITERALLY at stake.
Keep Faith,
The Editors
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  1. May the Lord of lords and the King of kings save America! I have signed and shared with all in my
    contact list more that thirty people.

  2. The liberal scourge has taken full control. Stop the liberal scouge against mankind.

  3. Why can I not find this form online?!!