Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Poll: Stunning numbers want Congress to probe Obama’s eligibility … Analyst says ‘birthers’ can’t be marginalized, as 28% of Democrats agree | by Bob Unruh | @

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Plus Proof from Experts That Obama Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery:

1. Scanner and Digital Image Expert Say It’s a Forgery:

2. Typography and Type Face Expert Says It’s a Forgery by Analyzing the Secondarily Scanned Version of the Paper Copies Handed Out to White House Reporters and then Placed online by AP Reporters:
3. Video Proof Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery – Viewed by Over 1 Million People Thus Far:
… 3.1 PDF Version of Online Long Form BC Was Created Using Software Such as Adobe Illustrator and Was Not Created via a Simple Scan of One Document but was Compiled from Scans of Multiple Documents and then Cobbled Together Using a Program Such as Adobe Illustrator Using Cut & Pasted Imported Objects and Links from the Multiple Documents:
… 3.2 OCR Function and Software of the Alleged Scanner Did not Create the Observed Anomalies in the PDF File Version of the Forged Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Placed on the White House Servers on 27 April 2011:

After you’ve read the above articles and watched the video, write to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and tell him as the leader of the People’s House that we demand he take action to launch a full scale congressional investigation into Obama’s unconstitutional and blatant criminal activities including forging a birth certificate, draft registration fraud, social security number fraud, and election fraud. Here is Speaker Boehner’s contact information: . And if he does not listen to the pleas of We the People who question Obama’s true legal identity in large numbers and he does not finally take action to launch full and conclusive congressional investigations into the criminal activities of Obama to settle the questions about Obama once and for all, then John Boehner should not be re-elected as a congressional representative from Ohio in Nov 2012, let alone Speaker of the People’s House. Tell him that.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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