Friday, June 10, 2011

A relentless direct letter campaign undertaken to each and every congressman, and even a post card campaign....and other ideas...

Monthly Civic Action Programs
The idea of a civic action occurring monthly at each state capitol across the country challenging state legislators, the Governor, and law enforcement to uphold their oath, handing out literature, and public speaking with a megaphone are ideas.  Mixing up the schedule will make it ‘spontaneous’ yet coordinated.
Anyone doing a press conference in your town?  Didn’t you just happen to be walking by with a poster you pulled out of your purse that showed up on the news feed that night?  :grin:
Reporting the Crime
Enough evidence of criminal fraud has been collected by an army of Constitutionalists that each one of us can write to a person in authority and report it under Title 18 Section 4, Misprision of Felony.  A relentless direct letter campaign undertaken to each and every congressman, and even a post card campaign.
We must force the investigation of Obama now through unforgiving and relentless pressure on Congress.  In particular, the Congressional Research Service memo produced to help congress avoid the issue of Obama’s lack of eligibility should clearly be investigated:
That which is clear, however, demonstrates that there are far more questions than answers generated by the original CRS Memo, the Bilbray Transmittal and their spawn, CRS Memo 2.  These irregularities need to be investigated and divulged to the American people and a full congressional hearing should be launched immediately to review and examine what plainly appears to be the manipulated crafting of the original CRS Memo, the Bilbray Transmittal and CRS Memo 2, each seemingly engineered to “reach” a result rather than to examine a legitimate question in an objective and non-partisan fashion.
One Nation Under Fraud
The new website “One Nation Under Fraud” was created by the owner of giveusliberty1776 and is a starting place for a collection of civic action activities that can be used.  From the Mission Statement:
We are looking for patriots who are fed up, with the status quo, and understand what Article II of the Constitution means, as well as the rest of the document, for that matter. We want you to join us and be active, in going after the issues before us. Our country’s survival is at stake.Whether you are currently active or if this your first endeavor, we want you.We are not going to demand all of your spare time either. The projects we have in mind are simple,and for the most part your time will be the primary cost.
The Gotto Postcard Campaign, for example, is a way to download postcards (h/t Bill) to mail to Congressmen or whoever which contain the statements of the Gotto article.  Similar postcards can be made on any number of subjects.  Postcards can get right to the recipient on capitol hill without extensive security screening.

Denying Obama
I can think of three things I am working on in the next year…and they all have to do with denying Obama his opportunity to continue his nefarious agenda against our country.
  • Contrary to his attempts to constantly scare, label, and isolate Constitutional Americans, we will deny him the opportunity to declare martial law.  Remember what they are doing by exacerbating ‘natural’ phenomena, and it is necessary to prepare. It will be food and water that are going to be in scarce supply;  gasoline and electricity.  Start preparing now.
  • We must deny Obama a chance to be on the ballot in 2012.  This involves not only our dogging of the DNC, now under Wasserman, but state officials and candidates.  The democrats in particular must be made to understand that they are completely toast in 2012 if they choose to continue to support this lost cause.
  • Deny Obama obedience.  “Resistance to tyranny is service to God”… James Madison
Lock him out forever.

Usurper breaking into Oval Office

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