Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you to the 4 people who donated a total of $150 towards the mailing costs. I have printed enough of the 28-page final report on the Obama Forged COLB and the signed Affidavit of July 7 covering the case of Plausible Deniability against Robert Bauer and Daniel Pfeiffer in their April 27, 20110 news conference. You should read it because they are indirectly acknowledging that what they were presenting that morning was a fraud and forgery!
My letters to the Hawaiian Attorney General David Louie and Governor Neil Abercrombie were mailed off 7/11/11 Certified Mail (to Louie 70103090000164047828, Gov. 70103090000164047842) and received 7/14/11. A copy of this letter can be seen on The next day the AG’s office said that the Deputy Attorney went on leave and will not be back until next week and Director Loretta Fuddy left the Island —read the Plausible Deniability affidavit listed above and you will know why she left town fast! They didn’t say where she went. It looks like my letter worked and the AG and Governor wants to stay as far away from this fraud as possible. See Orly ’s site for story.
The Report and Affidavit was also mailed to the US Attorney in Honolulu , Florence Nakakuni (Certified Mail #70103090000164047835, delivered 7/14/11).

My next step is mailing off the two reports to all the Republican Congressman and Senators. I have enough postage for 116 mailings (4oz. ea envelope, $1.04 ea., 6x9 envelopes cost was $29+ tax). A copy of this letter will be on my web site for you to download and modify to your liking. I will need additional contributions to mail to all the rest of the 300+ Congressmen and Senators. You can mail contributions or stamps to:
Douglas Vogt
Vector Associates, 12819 S.E. 38th Street, Suite 115 , Bellevue , WA 98006
Or can call me and I can take your credit card over the phone. I’d love to talk to you anyway.
Link to my letter to Congressmen:

My cover letter will remind them that this scandal is the worst in American history and it is going to hit the domestic as well as foreign media this year. The American voters will want to know why the Republicans did not ask for Congressional hearing or at least ask the FBI to do an investigation. If the Republicans continue to do nothing then expect there will be a political price to pay. I am also going to suggest they use this forgery information when they are negotiation with the administration over the national debt and the budget.
Here are links to the names and addresses of all the Congressmen and Senators for you to contact:
All elected officials both federal and state:
All the US News Media:
These are the links you can use that will tell you all the newspapers in the USA :
For Foreign and Domestic media including TV, Radio, Newspapers all over the world:
Mailing off news releases to the foreign media might get faster results because they are not under the influence of the Obama administration. If you contact the media while I am notifying the Congress and the US Attorneys and Judges, we might get some action. I will put up a suggested News Release format you should use to notify the news media. Go onto the Birthers Secure Forum:

Thank you for your help and support.
Douglas Vogt


  1. I'm all in. Is there an email to correspond with Doug?

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