Tuesday, September 13, 2011


What you can do today...
  • Volunteer to help the Birther Summit: Please visit the site and learn about what Dean Haskins and numerous other key eligibility researchers are doing. Then follow the link below to register as a volunteer. Your state representative will be touch with you to discuss your involvement. Even a few hours can make a difference.· Go to http://www.birthersummit.org/volunteer
  • Get Informed. Frankly, our Face book site and email account gets the same objections over and over and over again. Please, those of you don't agree, at least look at the evidence. Those of you do agree, make sure you have all the facts. Visit our resources pages for key links to many of the core sites on this issue:· http://www.terrylakinactionfund.com/resources.html
  • Read the FAQ's on the Terry Lakin Action Fund Site.
  • Listen to the re-broadcast of the show with David Moxley and CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret). They ask and discuss the issue of inaction on the part of our representatives.
    Listen online at:· http://www.terrylakinactionfund.com/tlafradio/122-tlafradio20110808.html
  • Continue to contact your representatives and ask them why they won't act on the evidence.
  • Continue to encourage your local media outlets to intelligently cover the eligibility issue.
  • Consider a contribution to the Trust. Terry gets criticized daily and his critics are wrong. You need to understand that for two years Terry tried and tried through every means available to him to get answers. He worked with his superiors, he went to his congressman and congressional committee, and more. No one would take action so he did. No matter how you feel about Terry's actions it doesn't change the issue: We have a likely constitutional breach of the highest level. Please read the letter below and watch Terry's new videos.

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